My Name Ringtone With Music for Android



My Name Ringtone Maker is the best app for making name ringtone as your favorite caller tune.

Make your name ringtone as your favorite caller tune. Not only your own name. You can create ringtone using any names. How famous the name can be, you can make it as your incoming call ringtone. Create name ringtones and store to our application, and use it as default ring or set as contact ringtone. If you would like to create your name or your friends name then it became easy to create and set as their Contact Ringtone. Create your Name Ringtone with My Name Ringtone maker.

Just create any name ring by setting up the starting prefix and ending postfix for the ring and insert name you want to be called. Save it and set it as your ringtone. Amazing voice ringtone maker. MP3 my name ringtones for caller tune. Popular Name becomes part of your caller tune, when call comes then your name caller tune will speak out.

You can make many such ringtones and assign it to their respective contacts. The ringtone made using this application is of high quality and clarity.My Name Ringtone Maker is very simple to use and available in Google Play for free.

Download My Name Ringtone Maker & create your own name ringtones on the go.

How it works:

1. Download My Name Ringtone Maker App.

2. Enter your favorite name in the textbox.

3. Play it to listen.

4. Now you can save the ringtone.

5. Go to the My Ringtones & Check all of your ringtones created using the app.

6. Set your favorite tone as Ringtone.


? Simple & Best My Name Ringtone Maker App.

? You Can play for test.

? Save your name ringtone and set as caller tune of your friend.

? Change language to speak ringtone.

? Lots of man and lady voice available to create my name caller tune ringtone.

? Display all list of downloaded and created ringtones.

? My Name Ringtone Maker app works even offline.

? My Name Ringtone Maker Makes you a celebrity.

? My Name Ringtone Maker is completely free download.

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My name ringtone is completely free and require no internet connection to use. Its quick to create and user-friendly interface with material design.

Please drop in your feedback so that we can improve the app and add more features time to time.

Thank You…